R17  RVP
Emeritus Judge

 3365 Northaven Rd
Dallas  TX  75229

I have been growing irises since as long as I can remember. As many other irisarians, my Mother was the one that created my interest in irises. I have lived in Dallas all my adult life and still enjoy a full time banking career. My husband Hooker and I have a commercial iris and daylily garden in Mesquite and we also maintain a home garden on Northaven Road in Dallas. My husband and I are both iris and daylily hybridizers. I have always been drawn to flowers that are unusual and also those that have unusual color patterns. For these reasons, when approached by other irisarians about forming a Novelty Iris Society – it was a dream come true. In May 2015, the American Iris Society board of directors unanimously voted for the Novelty Iris Society to become an official section of the American Iris Society. I am proud to be the first President of the Novelty Iris Society. I have been past RVP of Region 17 as well as Treasurer of the American Iris Society. I have been a member of the Iris Society of Dallas for 30+ years and currently hold the office of Treasurer. I am an Emeritus Judge for the American Iris Society and an Exhibition/Garden Judge for the American Hemerocallis Society.