Garden Judge

2213 Hereford Blvd
Midland  TX  79707

Debbie’s first memory of irises was 35 years ago. One morning on her way out the door to school there were six sky blue flags waving in the flower bed around a peach tree. From then on they have been incorporated into her heart. “Life is so full of wondrous and breathtaking things, but my favorite two are my family and my irises.”  She has been an Iris Judge for 20 years and loved every one of them. “Every year I get to add new friends, (iris and people) into my life. I introduce everyone I know to the excitement and beauty of the iris.  I have encouraged many children to love nature, especially plants and the iris.”

Trainings (T) & Programs (P)
How to Dig, Divide, and Plant (P)
Slide Shows of:  Newer Varieties, Historics, Seedlings, Novelty Iris, (P)
History of the Iris Species (P)
Spurias (P)
Medians (P)
Preparing for a Show (P)
Awards and Ballots (T)
New and Exciting Hybridizing (P)