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I joined the Iris Society of Austin in the Autumn of 2010 when I was looking for something to plant in my front yard that the deer wouldn’t eat. Long-time friend Dara E Smith said “Let’s go check out this Iris Society sale at Zilker Garden”. Once we got there, Shelia Senghas would not let the two of us leave the sale without signing up for a membership and promising to come to a meeting! I am also a member of the Belton Iris Society and recently became an associate member of the East Texas Iris Society (too far for me to drive to those meetings!). I have around 80 varieties of irises in my suburban yard and am saddened that the neighborhood deer have developed a taste for the blooms during show season, so they are slowly moving from front yard to fenced back yard. I currently serve as VP of membership for the IS of Austin and have previously served as a show chair and as Newsletter Editor.