Garden Judge

PO Box 174
Concan  TX  78838-0174

My first Iris experience was with my grandmother in her garden when I was a young girl. That memory has stayed with me through the years. It was in early 2000 when I became friends with an avid irisarian, hybridizer, and judge, and during my 10 year stay in Oklahoma the iris passion began. I was hooked, and my friend was kind enough to share many of her cultivars with me. In 2006 I began taking American Iris Society judges classes to learn all I could about growing irises. I returned to SW Texas to the beautiful hill country of the Frio River area in Concan and brought many of my cultivars with me. I continued judges classes in Texas and became a show and garden judge. I am a member of the Iris Society of Austin and I drive 3 to 4 hours to the meetings and back. I enjoy judging iris shows throughout the state. I am show chair for my club’s 2017 Iris Show, “Irises In Space” My great joy is promoting the iris through education and speaking engagements.

Trainings (T) & Programs (P)
Basics: How to Grow and Cultivate Iris (P)
Hybridizing: To Bee or Not To Bee (P)
What Color Is an Iris: Coloring Program for Children (P)