2017 Seandel Iris Gardens catalog is ready!

Our 2017 Iris Catalog is ready. It is available as a full color PDF file (78 pages) that we will email to you.
There are 571 varieties listed: 24 Borders (BB), 82 Intermediates (IB), 24 Miniature Talls (MTB), 69 Standard Dwarfs (SDB), 3 Miniature Dwarfs (MDB), 97 Arilbreds (AB), 187 Talls (TB), 62 Louisianas (LA), and 23 Spurias (SPU). Order form included.
Please email us at seandelirises@yahoo.com and request yours today


SEANDEL IRIS GARDENS is now open for 2018 orders

Visit our facebook page at www.facebook.com/Seandelirisgardens/. There you will find our 2018 “Catalog” in the 2018 Albums, or get an electronic PDF copy of it by sending your email address to seandelirises@yahoo.com. We do NOT have a printed copy we can mail to you.

The irises we are offering this year are in the 2018 Albums by type of iris. The price follows the iris name ex: WOW FACTOR – $8.

If you are looking for a particular iris that is not listed, please ask. Because not everything we grow is in the catalog, we just might have it. Besides, we know lots of other people who grow irises.




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