Visit our facebook page at  There you will find our 2018 “Catalog” in the 2018 Albums, or get an electronic PDF copy of it by sending your email address to We do NOT have a printed copy we can mail to you.

The irises we are offering this year are in the 2018 Albums by type of iris. The price follows the iris name ex: WOW FACTOR – $8.
The album “2018 SOLD OUT VARIETIES” is where we will post the sold outs as they occur. Those varieties will be removed from the other albums they may be in. Please check it before you send in your order.

This year we are offering a reduced number of irises so the others can repopulate. We are a small garden – remember, all our stock grows on a corner city lot, so quantities are small – none over 10 – most around 5-7. 
If you are looking for a particular iris that is not listed, please ask. Because not everything we grow is in the catalog, we just might have it. Besides, we know lots of other people who grow irises.

NEW FOR 2018 – PAYMENTS: While we still do not accept credit cards, we will accept payments via PAYPAL, as well as check, money order and cash (do not send cash by mail).  PayPal will work using as the receiver ID.

ORDERING: You can order via email or phone, and pay with PayPal.
Or you can mail in your order with a check or pay with PayPal.

SUBSTITUTIONS: We do not substitute without your permission. Please give us a list if you will accept substitutions

REFUNDS: If you do not want substitutions, or we are unable to substitute, a refund check will accompany your order.

SHIPPING: If you live in a state that requires a phytosanitation certificate (basically west of Texas), orders will be shipped in AUGUST.